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Plush Auctions

I did some weeding and I thinking my collection is finally at a size I like :D I would like this stuff out of my room. X)
Included are pokedolls, banpresto and other plush.
All auctions will end in a week, 6 PM Friday May 9th countdown clock
Items come from a cat friendly home, I ship from the USA
Don't bid if you can't pay, I can do payment plans if you talk to me, but nothing more than a month
No sniping, if a bid is made in the last 5 minutes it will be extended

mudkip pokedoll (velboa, american) starts @ $15

DX terrycloth mudkip pokedoll starts @ $35

torterra banpresto (tush tag only) starts @ $25

charmander pokedoll (lighter orange minky, american) starts @ $25

kawaii charizard banpresto (has fuzzy flames behind the wing, very soft) starts @ $40

funkuoka oshawott (bent tag on pikachu's ear) starts @ $30

dewott jakks (bent tag) starts @ $5

dewott pc plush starts @ $18

piplup pokedoll (minky, american) starts @ $15

froakie pc plush (american, has detachable tag) starts @ $10

torchic pokedoll (minky, american, bent tag) starts @ $15

blaziken pokedoll (velboa, tush tag only) starts @ $75

leafeon pokedoll (minky, american) starts @ $25

flareon pc plush starts @ $25

flareon tomy (japanese) starts @ $18

umbreon pokedoll (velboa, american) starts @ $25

sylveon pc plush (american, has detachable tag) starts @ $15

eevee HQ banpresto (all tags included) starts @ $40

eeveeloution blanket (it's a lap blanket, can include the tag) starts @ $35

frost rotom (minky, japanese) starts @ $25

heat rotom (minky, japanese) starts @ $25

spin rotom (minky, japanese) starts @ $25

sky shaymin (minky, american) starts @ $20

giratina pokedoll (minky, american, no hang tag/older release) starts @ $35

ho-oh pokedoll (velboa, american) starts @ $15

keldeo (minky, american, has dettachable tag) starts @ $15

virizion pokedoll (minky, american,has detachable tag) starts @ $15

zekrom pokedoll (minky, american, has detachable tag) starts @ $35
Everybody Else

vieplume banpresto (has bent hang tag, it's old) starts @ $25

shinx pokedoll (minky, no hang tag) starts @ $30

yanma jakks (no hang tag) starts @ $10

bonsly pokedoll (bent tag) starts @ $15

drifloon jakks (tush-tag only) starts @ $15

magby pokedoll (velboa, tush tag only) starts @ $35

marill pokedoll (minky, japanese, detached tag) starts @ $35

zoura pokedoll (minky, american, has tag) starts @ $15

mantyke jakks (no tags) starts @ $2

cherubi banpresto starts @ $12

mincinno pokedoll (minky, japanese, detached tag) starts @ $20

meowstic pc plush starts @ $20

east shellos jakks (has all tags) starts @ $8

fletchling pc plush (american, has detachable tag) starts @ $10

darumakka sunfaded canvas (shiny XD) have the hang tag starts @ $10

DX riolu banpresto starts @ $20

riolu pokedoll (minky, american) starts @ $15

Breloom bootie starts @ $5

Please wait until all threads are up :)

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