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Kitty Kaboodle Sales-Edited 12/7/2018

Granted sales permission on 01/26/11 by dakajojo
Paypal only ~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included in the price
      Be sure to mark your payment as "goods", I use paypal to ship
All pkmncollectors rules apply, even if you aren't part of it > RULES <

  • Click on the pictures for a bigger view

I won't respond on Sundays

Items will be shipped within a couple weeks, give me a shipping address in paypal please

Don't edit your comments, reply to your comment instead
I can hold an item for 1 day, unless we work something else out PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU DON'T WANT IT!

  • I give you two days after I give you your total to pay (unless you talk to me about it)

  • After 2 days I will give the item to whoever is next in line and delete your thread

I am open to trades, if you have something awesome from my wants HERE

PLEASE NO HAGGLING, I really am not comfortable with it...

All items are shipped from Washington State

I have cats in a studio apartment, don't buy plush/cloth items if allergic

My feedback is  >>>> HERE
If you want feedback leave me a link when you post that you paid :) I'm more than willing to give you some as long as I don't have to search for it :D

When you have paid I SCREEN your comments to keep my post looking tidy for other customers. I
delete comments after I know you have received your item(s) OR after a month from when you paid.

When items are sold they are striked out like this

When asking for an item please put the price in your inquiry (i.e. "I wanna a quote for shroomish charm 3, oshawott plush 25, etc... to zipcode/country") ESPECIALLY when there are similar items in the store, it helps me make sure I know which item you are talking about

PLEASE ask about condition before you buy, some of these toys are rather old/ in the same condition as I got them. I try to mention condition or put them at a lower price if they are in less than new condition. I do miss things sometimes, so if you want your item to be in pristine condition, please ask if it is. I will look it over for you and even take close-ups if necessary. Please ask or I won't know.

Sometimes items will be listed on ebay as well, if they have bids they are no longer available for direct purchase

Lots of Digimon, Disney, Tokidoki and other cool stuff

NWT= new with tag DT=detached tag TTO=tush tag only

back rows (bigger plush)
reshiram pokedoll (US NWT) $45, 1:1 Froakie (US version NWT) $38, skitty secret base pokedoll (JAPAN version bigger than US DT) $75, sylveon original pokedoll (US,NWT) $18, Eevee DX (I<3 Eevee line, the 1st round,fuzzy collared one NWT) $50, Mincinno pokedoll (JAPAN DT) $20, Bootie Flaffy $6,  Venusaur Kawaii Banpresto (TTO) $65, Ditto secret base pokedoll (JAPAN version bigger than US DT)$25, espeon dx banpresto (NWT) $25, shinx pokedoll (TTO)  $45, dialga pokedoll (US NWT) $35, palkia pokedoll (US NWT) $35, rowlett PC plush (US NWT has pink highlighter spot on the back) $12, I <3 raichu keychhain plush (may or may not have tag) $20,musharna pc (US NWT) $22, red gyrados pikachu (JAPAN NWT) $45, shellos (jakks damaged tag) $3, shaymin sky form pokedoll (US NWT) $25, bootie raichu $8, goomy pc (JAPAN DT) $20, all star goomy (DT) $20, I love raichu DX $35, rumble goomy $24, play by play eevee (in great condition, stuffing is still rigid) $30, goomy tomy (NWT) $20

front rows (smaller plush) most have detached tags except diancie, jolteon and eevee
litwick mpc $10, lampent mpc $15, chandelure (loose arm thread, I can fix it if you want me to + $5) $15, (full litwick line $35), diancie MPC (NWT) $13, leafeon (pokemon time) $15, vaporeon (pokemon time) $25, glaceon (pokemon time) $25, dedenne MPC $15, eevee (pokemon time) $18, sylveon MPC $14, I love sitting sylveon with strap $25, I love espeon $10, jolteon (pokemon time) $30, aurorus MPC $35, liepard MPC $25, maractus MPC (grren parts on wrists coming unglued, no ball chain) $3, espurr kuttari (JAPAN NWT) $15, Male Meowstic (espurr wanted) $20, female meowstic (espurr wanted) $15, espurr (espurr wanted) $15, spritzee MPC $12, dewott MPC $10, klefki MPC $35, plusle petite $20, minun petite $20, solosis MPC $8, duosion MPC $8, reuniclus MPC$35 (whole line for $40)

reuniclus kid $4, klefki bottle figure $3, dugtrio ippai $3, pearly yelling pikachu $1, poplio (from tomy 3 pack) $3, falling pikachu $2, old charizard tomy $2, solosis kid $1, porygon kid $8, mega slowbro pika $25, litwick kid $5, chandelure kid $8, sleeping fennekin $9, sitting sleepy pikachu $3,winking mega charizard pika $25, pikachu bead $2, meowth w/guitar kid $25, charmander cord keeper $8,
vivillon kid $4, klefki tomy $6, mawile ippai $4, curled up sleeping pikachu $4, pearly fired up pikachu $2, sleepy mega charizard pika $25, rawr mega charizard pika $25, cacnea kid (very scuffed) $1, cherubi kid $3, sparkly mismagius kid $8, breloom kid $3, masterball $4, jirachi tomy $6, mega mawile pika $25, mega lopunny pika $25, victory pikachu $2, sleepy bunnelby $3, mega charizard x pika $25, liepard kid $8, dratini kid $4, lampent kid $6, pearly sleeping pika $3, on back sleeping pika $3, sleepy snorlax $7

pikachu floral cup $7, eevee floral cup $15, tropical sweets lapras $11, snorlax terrarium $16 , parade greninja $15, pikachu terrarium $8, eevee terrarium $15, ditto lapras $, tropical sweets knife & fork $.50, tropical sweets executor ukelele $2, tropical sweets comfey drink $.50, tropical sweets granola $.50, tropical sweets pikachu cup $.50, tropical sweets cookies $.50, parade golisopod $15, perfume eevee $15, perfume pikachu $11, perfume leafeon $15

mismagius get $4, secret vulpix $9, ledyba zuka (no pegs) $5, roller stamps $1 ea (meowth, aquirtle, charmander, bulbasaur), reuniclus zukan $65, steenee get $13, pyroar zukan $8 , mew get $7 , jagmo-o get $5


dx zekrom tomy $10, piplup solar (has some paint rub) $25, dx tomy bellossom $25, mew banpresto clock $100, candy figure great ball $1, budew jakks $2, jigglypuff BK top $3, pikachu bobble keychain $4, vulpix bobble keychain $5, minun/plusle figure $, porygon2 jakks $10, pikachu rubber keychain $1, oshawott squishy keychain (white is discolored) $1, dewott mcdonalds figure $3, mega stones (metagross, gyrados, glalie, charizard x) $9 ea, swoobat mcd $2, shinx jakks $5, zoura jakks $5, vileplume bk keychain $4, tepig mcd (lights up) $3, oshawott (scratched nose) $1, misdreavus jakks $5, meowth light up keychain (scratched/doesn't work) $.50, grotle jakks $5, kriketot jakks $2, new tomy umbreon $10, sandile jakks $4, rapidash bk launcher $5

klefki w/you badge $5, deoxys strap $3, celebi strap $4, mewtwo strap $3, lugia strap $4, marshtomp bellchain $7, sylveon/espurr line pd charms $30, klefki ring $75, espurr w/you badge $6, meowstic m w/you badge $10, skitty badge (fanmade) $1,metal flareon coin $3, dedenne pokepuff strap $15, meowth strap $3, spritzee strap $8, misty keychain $6, serena keychain $8, pikachu badge $1, gengar badge $2, meowstic f w/you badge $8, may fanmade badge $1, whimsicott fanmade badge $1, froakie shopper keychain $8, christmas eevee metal charm $8, christmas torchic metal charm $8, christmas dedenne metal charm $8, breloom metal charm $8, musharna metal charm $5, fan rotom metal charm $4, rotom metal charm $4, oven rotom metal charm $4, christmas pikachu metal charm $3, anorinth metal charm $4, fridge rotom metal charm $4, skiploom metal charm $3, klefki metal charm $5, duosion metal charm $2, solosis metal charm $2,christmas mudkip metal charm $8, kuttari custom keychain (switched glaceon for sylveon) $25, pokeball pin holder $.50 klefki keychain $4, raichu pt strap $18, shaymin pt strap $18, minun pt strap $18, eevee pt strap $18, plusle pt strap $18, jolteon pt strap $20, m-diancie pin $4, xerneas pin $4, mew pin (x3) $4 ea, sanshee thunderbadge $8, white pikachu dogtag $.50, megadiancie tretta $3, tyrunt tretta $3, minun plusle keychain $2, sanshee earthbadge $8, red pikachu dogtag $.50, charmander dogtag $1, moomoo milk pin (fanmade) $10

 eeveeloution tote $10, sun and moon 2ds case $10, pokemon fabric (2-3 yards from around when the jirachi movie came out) $25, grass focus bag $35
metal/alumicore miniors (indoor/outdoor) $5 ea
postcards/art cards $2 ea sold: lots of pikachu
vinyl works great on cars and outside!
pile o' topps cards $3, kyun-chara (black and white pokedex comic book $15, pile o' kids cards $1, pile o' pokemon cards $3, codes (11ish available) $.25 ea, clear lapras card $.25, tissues $.50 ea, minun/plusle patch $10, poplio/togedemaru mold $2, caterpie wall sticker $1, mythical posters $.50 ea, pokebox espeon stamp $15, eeveeloution floral vinyl strips $1 ea, pogs $25 ea, meloetta sticker sheet $1, burger king checklist $.50, vulpix sugimori vinyl $1, espeon/sylveon/flareon vinyl small $.50, medium $1, large $2, oricorio pompom pd vinyl (x2) $4 ea, fan oricorio pd vinyl (x2) $4 ea, vulpix pd vinyl (x2) $6 ea, pan stickers $.50 ea, pile o' stickers $2

vinyl (glossy) bulbasaur $2, sylveon $4, rowlet $2, comfey $2
holiday cards (x8) $5 ea, snowpika seals $1 for the sheet
20181121_184259 (1)
vinyl (glossy) raichu pd $6, shiny sylveon pd $6, sylveon pd $6

Lots of Digimon, Disney, Tokidoki and other cool stuff
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