neeko48 (neeko48) wrote,

Favs of gen 6

Finally picked my top 7 for Kalos!
Gen 6:
XD almost all of my favs are pink.
Doublade-I really liked honedge, but I was kinda on the fence on actually using one, until doublade was revealed! Has the awesomeness of honedge DOUBLED and it gets a pink/purple color scheme :D I didn't know I could love a possessed sword so much XD I also like how it has genders, unlike magnemite...
Dedenne-love this little gerbil! I already love raichu and he's such a cute tiny fella.
Vivillon- I love that it changes forms SO MUCH! I was geeking out as the day went along and the internet kept revealing new forms everywhere. My brother would be like, "here's another one!" Ah! They need to make MPCs of all the forms!
Sylveon- I have an automatic weakness for eeveeloutions... and it's so cute! AND IT'S DESIGNED BY ATSUKO NISHIDA!!! AHHH!!! i LOVE HER STYLE!
Klefki- I wish I had a klefki in real life... I always lose my keys. I hope they make a keychain of it XD I really like the inanimate object pokemon of this region XD
Meowstic- I love the whole line, I really want to see a smiling espurr sometime :D I love cats XD
Spritzee- it's a cute round birdy XD and its cry is adorable
Venusaur- I love how it got more leaves and flowers. The spots on its head are pretty sweet too. I acquired a love for venusaur earlier this year and this made me love it even more :D
Ampharos- his hair is fabulous; perfect for my sassy natured ampharos from soul silver.
Absol- as if absol couldn't be any cooler. I'm hoping this translates well to a plush, because absol hasn't...

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