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What I Collect

Mostly so I can stay organized with x and y. Can be used as reference for gift exchanges :)

Favorite type of merch:
minky/soft plush, figure phone charms, kid figures, ippai figures, kyun chara
mostly phone charms and sometimes plush of pokemon I like
Pokemon Actively Collecting:
1. hoping they make all the forms

           Plush (pokedoll), sleeping plush/figure, kyun chara (I REALLY hope they complete the kyun chara eevee set)
                                 Have: talky plush, talky figure, card figure, pose figure, ippai laying down figure, movie keychain,
                                            with you badge, movie strap, eevee party charm, pokebox lollipop charm, sitting kid, cross-stitch
     Plush (MPC, any others), figures (If they have merch of other forms, I will be SO HAPPY!), anything basically
                                 Have: Type focus bag, folder, SDCC art card, tomy figure, meadow kid
    Plush (any that will go well with smaller 5" banpresto venusaur, so slightly bigger), tomy
  plush (mpc, any doublades), cool figures, charms

plush (MPC, unless PC plush are too cute to resist), kids
have: goomy PC plush, charms
shiny version!
lots of things

Previous Gen Collections that I still want stuff for (mostly wishes)

  Hope they make: pokedoll/nice plush
                                Have: kid, charm
  Hope they make: shiny dunsparces would be awesome
                               Have: kid, custom shiny kid, charm
Hope they make: shiny plush (lighter purple than this picture)
                              Have: shiny kids
  Hope they make: pokedoll/nice plush
                                Have: zukan, kid, charm
  Hope they make: pokedoll/nice plush, more figures
                               Have: MPC, Kid
  Hope they make: anything not flat
                               Have: MPC, charms, clear figure phone charms, dot sprite can badge, glacidea custom, zukan, kid, custom                                           ornament

Current Wants
No Pictures Yet:

Un-Announced (but assumed):
                         mpcs for all listed pokemon
                         kids for all x & y listed pokemon
                         bonnie and dedenne merch (figures)
Tags: wants

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