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30 Day Pokemon Challenge

Pokemon 30 Day Challenge 2012!

I chose my favorite picture off the internet of each pokemon. Click the pictures to find the original
(or at least where I found it)

June 2nd
Day 1: Favorite Grass Type- Whimsicott-

When I saw whimsicott I was really excited. I love pokemon that look like clouds and watching cotton fly through the air is one of my favorite things to do.

Day 2: Favorite Water Type- Dewott-

This is why I originally picked oshawott as my starter (I love oshawott now, but earlier...) I've loved dewott since it was revealed, continuing the trend that I love the middle starter evolutions the best. I love sea otters and dewott has the potential for dynamic poses. And he's a samurai! What's not to love?!

Day 3: Favorite Fire Type- Flareon-

My first favorite eeveeloution, it has the fluffiness and cuteness of eevee, with bright happy colors! Also my flareon canvas is like one of my favorite things in my collection. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

June 4
Day 4: Favorite Bug Type- Yanma-

I love yanma because I love dragonflies. I am also very fond of the shiny version of it too :D Closest thing to a pet dragonfly I'll ever have...

June 5
Day 5: Favorite Flying Type- Togekiss-

I love the shape of this one. It was also my first pokedoll :D

June 7
Day 6: Favorite Electric Type- Raichu-

I have always been fond of raichu (I like him better than pikachu) and love his long tail.

Day 7: Favorite Poison Type- Vileplume-

This is actually a more recent development. I used to love bellossom more, but this year I suddenly got a love for vileplume and the rafflesia flower she's derived from. I love her big flower, reminds me of a pillow I made in middle school. :D

June 8
Day 8: Favorite Ground Type- Swampert-

I love mudkip's line so much and swampert is really cute (especially in pokedoll form) <3

June 12- I fell behind,oops...
Day 9: Favorite Rock Type- Lileep-

I love fossils and anemones. So perfect fit for me! It's also my favorite colors (purple and pink).

Day 10: Favorite Psychic Type- Reuniclus-

I ADORE reuniclus. I love clear pokemon and even better he looks like jell-o! :D

Day 11: Favorite Fighting Type- Meloetta (Pirouette Form)-

I liked meloetta, but I liked her even more after pirouette form was revealed. I love dancing, even though I'm not the best, I especial love how her hair is wrapped up.

Day 12: Favorite Normal Type- Persian-

Persian is my favorite cat pokemon. I wish there was more nice merch of her.

June 18
Day 13: Favorite Ghost Type- Chandelure-

I love chandelures design and that the lamp part is clear. Awesome!!!

Day 14: Favorite Ice Type- Articuno-

I have always found articuno very pretty. Out of the 3 legendary birds, it was always on my team and it was especially helpful for defeating Lance.

Day 15: Favorite Dragon Type- Dragonair-

I love dragonair, I honestly never have a dragonite, because these are too pretty to evolve!!!

Day 16: Favorite Steel Type- Jirachi-

Stars are my favorite shape :D Enough said.

Day 17: Favorite Dark Type- Liepard-

Day 18: Cutest Pokemon- Skitty-

I love skitty's coloring and mannerisms in the anime. It's just so cute!!!!

June 19th
Day 19: Ugliest Pokemon-Conkledur-

I don't like veiny/bulging muscles to begin with, so they kinda gross me out...

June 25th
Day 20: Favorite Item- Mystic Water-

I love equipping my water pokemon with mystic waters. They're so pretty! I wish there was an actual necklace of it, because I would wear it. :)
Day 21: Favorite Gym Leader- Burgh-

I really like Burgh because he's an artist. His personality is fun too :)
Day 22: Least Favorite Gym Leader- Gary/Blue/Green-

I remember him being really hard to beat... and he was a jerk...

Day 23: Guilty Pleasure on Lineup- Shiny + Mew-

I admit it, I'm an action replay user. Mainly I use it to get shinys and mews.

Day 24: Favorite Type- Psychic-

My top three favorite pokemon a psychic type and psychic is one of my favorite moves.

Day 25: Least Favorite Type- Fighting-
I hardly like any of these pokemon.

Day 26: Favorite Eevee Evolution- Espeon-

Day 27: Favorite Song

Day 28: Favorite Move- Leech Seed+Mega Drain-

Day 29: Most Annoying Move- Protect-

Day 30: Favorite Pokemon-Mew, Espeon, Reuniclus-

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