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[sticky post] Kitty Kaboodle Sales-Edited 12/24/16

Hi dear customers, I've gotten more busy with my new job, so I won't be selling as much anymore. Occasionally I'll still do community offers posts, post stuff on my ebay, and occasionally update this post (which I will advertise on the community).
Granted sales permission on 01/26/11 by dakajojo
Paypal only ~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included in the price
      Be sure to mark your payment as "goods", I use paypal to ship
All pkmncollectors rules apply, even if you aren't part of it > RULES <

  • Click on the pictures for a bigger view

I won't respond on Sundays

Items will be shipped within a couple weeks, unless it doesn't fit in my mailbox/ you don't give paypal a shipping address :) (I use paypal shipping as much as possible, it's just more convienient/cheaper/streamlined/better...)

Don't edit your comments, reply to your comment instead
I can hold an item for 1 day, unless we work something else out PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU DON'T WANT IT!

  • I give you two days after I give you your total to pay (unless you talk to me about it)

  • After 2 days I will give the item to whoever is next in line and delete your thread

I am open to trades, if you have something awesome from my wants HERE

PLEASE NO HAGGLING, I really am not comfortable with it...

All items are shipped from Washington State

I have cats, so if you're super allergic and want to take a chance on buying stuff, let me know so I can be extra vigilant in keeping cat hair out of the packages

My feedback is  >>>> HERE
If you want feedback leave me a link when you post that you paid :) I'm more than willing to give you some as long as I don't have to search for it :D

When you have paid I SCREEN your comments to keep my post looking tidy for other customers. I
delete comments after I know you have received your item(s) OR after a month from when you paid.

When items are sold they are striked out like this

When asking for an item please put the price in your inquiry (i.e. "I wanna a quote for shroomish charm 3, oshawott plush 25, etc... to zipcode/country") ESPECIALLY when there are similar items in the store, it helps me make sure I know which item you are talking about

PLEASE ask about condition before you buy, some of these toys are rather old/ in the same condition as I got them. I try to mention condition or put them at a lower price if they are in less than new condition. I do miss things sometimes, so if you want your item to be in pristine condition, please ask if it is. I will look it over for you and even take close-ups if necessary. Please ask or I won't know.

Sometimes items will be listed on ebay as well, if they have bids they are no longer available for direct purchase

Lots of Digimon, Disney, Tokidoki and other cool stuff

Mew PC (US version NWT) $12, Eevee DX (I<3 Eevee line, the 1st round,fuzzy collared one NWT) $60, Bootie Raichu $15, Diancie PC Plush (detached tag, Japanese version) $18, crocheted Breloom $18, zangoose pokemon time (dettached tag) $20, Espurr with Pokepuff (NWT) $75, 1:1 Froakie (US version NWT) $38
Venusaur Kawaii Banpresto (tush tag) $65, persian custom (magnastorm) $195, skitty (secret base, japanese detached tag) $36, custom shiny ditto $20, espeon canvas (creased tag attached) $50, shellos (jakks damaged tag) $4, sylveon pokedoll (japanese, nwt) $25, little tales pikachu pair (nwt) $58
sleeping espurr kuttari (Japanese NWT) $15, raichu (US version, slightly used) $4, mincinno pokedoll (japanese detached tag) $25, needlefelt reuniclus $8, custom reuniclus plush (glacidea) $85
most have dettached hang tags except for diancie, jolteon and eevee
flareon (I <3 eevee) $10, espeon (I <3 eevee) $10, litwick mpc $15, lampent mpc $25, chandelure $25, (full litwick line $50) meowstic f (espurr wanted) $12, espurr (espurr wanted) $12, meowstic m (espurr wanted) $20
umbreon (pokemon time) $15, vaporeon (pokemon time) $15, dewott mpc $15, glaceon (pokemon time) $15, leafeon (pokemon time) $15, aurorous mpc $25, liepard mpc $25, diancie mpc $12
klefki mpc $15, spritzee mpc $15, minun petite $18, plusle petite $18, riachu (I <3 pikachu) $35, sylveon (i<3 eevee) $35, maractus $12
solosis mpc $5, duosion mpc $10, reuniclus $35 (full reuniclus line $45), dedene mpc $10, sylveon mpc $35, jolteon (pokemon time NWT) $20, eevee (pokemon time NWT) $12
and a couple I forgot
Sorted by type (figure, charm, etc) use ctrl+f to find specific pokemon

oshawott mcdonalds (scratched nose)$1, kricketot jakks $1,electronic togepi (some paint scratches) $2, misdreavus jakks $5, budew jakks $3,minun and plusle using thundershock (like this one) $35, dewott mcdonald's figure $2, grotle jakks $2, jigglypuff amiibo $13,
zoura jakks $5, rapidash burger king $2,sandile jakks $1, woobat mcdonalds (scratched on nose) $1, jigglypuff burgerking $2, flareon tfg $75 (peg inside spinner is broken, so it doesn't spin very well, but paint job is great),tepig mcdonalds (lights up) $2, porygon2 jakks $6, litwick kid $4, lampent kid $6, chandelure kid $8 (full line $15), vivillon kid (x2) $3 ea, small mega charizard pikas (bases included, stepping forward, sleeping, winking, roaring) $8 ea, sleeping fenneking $8, victory pikachu tomy $3, falling pikachu tomy $3, espeon tomy (matte american version) $8, breloom kid (scratched) $1, cacnea kid (scratched) $1, dratini kid $3, duosion kid $1, vaporeon gacha $8, mega charizard x pika(x2) $10 ea, jirachi tomy $6, reuniclus kid $6, purloin kid $4, liepard kid $7, kecleon kid (scratched) $1, umbreon gacha $8, whimsicott gacha $6, mega charizard y pika $10, sleeping bunnelby $2, prygon kid $4, dewott clipping figure (no stand) $3, oshawott clipping figure $6, pearlized yelling pikachu tomy $6, sparkly misdreavus kid $8, dragonair kid (paint rub on wings) $5, charizard x zukan (mark on belly) $3, pyroar zukan $3, ledyba zukan (no pegs) $3, masterball tomy $3, sleeping dedene $6, heart spinda kid $8, klefki (came with soda) $3, klefki tomy $4, pearly pikachu fist-pump tomy $6, mawile gacha $6, original charizard tomy $5,  reuniclus zukan $15, shinx jakks $4


meowth light up keychain scratched $.25, togepi keychain (scratched) $.25, vileplume bk $4, squishy oshawott $.50, squishy pikachu $.50plastic klefki $1, small pikachu $1, marshtomp bell $6, metal klefki (out of package-paint has rubbed off and fake key fell off-good for customizing) $10, metal klefki (in package) $60, froakie pokedoll shopper $15, metal minun and plusle movie keychain $.50

Metal Charms:

christmas eevee $6, christmas torchic $6, christmas dedene $6, espurr pokedoll charm $3, meowstic f pokedoll charm $3, full set (espurr, both meowstics and sylveon on keychain) $20, klefki $3, musharna $4, skiploom $3, rotom (regular) $6, breloom $8, flygon $10, anorinth $3, duosion $1, christmas mudkip $6, christmas pikachu $6, heat rotom $4, altaria $8, frost rotom $4, solosis $1, swablu $7, swampert $7, fan rotom $4, corphish $6, mudkip $7, marshtomp $7

lugia $15, klefki $6, meowstic male $6, meowstic female $6, espurr $6, bellossom/sunflora (search for red gyrados promo) $12,  xerneas $4, lotad $12, may custom $3, whimsicott custom $1, skitty custom $1, venusaur $15, earth badge (sanshee) $8, thunder badge (sanshee) $8

Phone Charms:

pokemon time: togekiss $10, budew $10, umbreon $18, eevee $15, vaporeon $18, jolteon $15, charizard (paint rubbed) $25, venusaur $30, glaceon $15, raichu $18, minun $15, furret $15, leafeon $15, flygon $30, shinx $10, shaymin $10, drifloon $22, plusle $15

non-PT straps: rotom $8, spritzee $8, petit raichu $35, reuniclus $6, dedene pokepuff $12, meowth festival $3, pokebox umbreon $35, pokebox vaporeon $35, lugia $6, mewtwo $6, rayquaza $6, celebi $6, deoxys $5, jirachi $6

Other Things: grass focus bag $35, eeveeloution tote $10, pokemon fabric (2-3 yards from around when the jirachi movie came out) $25, tomy mega-stones (charizardite-x, glalite, gyradosite, metagrossite) $10 ea, rolling stamps (they all work | charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, meowth) $6 ea, tyrunt tretta $2, m-diancie tretta $8, dogtags (red bg pika, white bg pika, charmander) $2 ea, pikachu bead $.50, flareon metal coin $3, mew pog $.25, tcg codes (x4) $.25 ea, darkrai code freebie w/purchase of $15 or more (may or may not work)

Lots of Digimon, Disney, Tokidoki and other cool stuff



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Nov. 22nd, 2016 05:35 pm (UTC)
Can I get the following to 34731 US?

Budew Jakks - $3
Whimsicott Gacha - $6
Raichu Kuttari - $4

Subtotal: $13
Dec. 3rd, 2016 07:57 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took so long to respond,

If you still want them, it's $16.63 to imagine.color@live.com just leave your username and what you bought in the memo. Thanks :)
Dec. 24th, 2016 04:36 pm (UTC)

Fffsss. I've been working like 60-80 hour weeks this last month and haven't been checking anything online, I'm so so sorry. QQ
if these are still available I'll gladly take them! <3

Dec. 24th, 2016 09:24 pm (UTC)
yep, they're still available (let me guess, retail? ;)
Dec. 4th, 2016 11:09 am (UTC)
Oo can I have more pics of the shiny ditto? Is he soft? :)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Dec. 13th, 2016 02:38 pm (UTC)
He has been doing a lot better lately :) ramming people with his cone and all lol. Also sending payment rn ^-^

Edited at 2016-12-13 02:39 pm (UTC)
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